Monday, February 6, 2012

The beginning.

My boyfriend sits in jail four hours away.

The father of my child.

My future husband.

Sporting a orange jumpsuit.

His day is dictated to him from 0630 until the moment he goes to sleep at night.

I look at him through a glass wall.

I talk to him through a phone whose cord is fraying from years of use, and lack of funding.

I waited in a waiting area for a half an hour before visiting time began.

Sitting amongst women, in similar situations.

We all look different, but our eyes share the same pain.

I handed my liscenses to the woman through a slot.

She is seperated from "us" through a bullet proof window.

She snarled next, after tossing me a key to the locker where I will place my belongings.

I then ride the elevator to the fourth floor, where I get off to speak with my boyfriend for exactly thirty minutes.

At that point a jailor yells "TIMES UP!"

Immediately our time is up.

We quickly blow eachother kisses, and before he walks out the door, he mouths that he loves me.

I look around at the few seats that are filled with others in my same situation.

They look just as normal, as I feel I am.

They're just doing exactly what I am doing...

Living life on the other side.